September 5, 2014



You have a story. I have a story. EVERYone has a story. A story about life; an event; a period; a moment; a truth; something significant that changed, whether it be in an instant or over time. Everyone has a beginning, middle, and end; some are just starting, whilst others are nearing the finish line.

What you see is NOT reality; it is not what WAS or what CAN be or what WILL be. It simply is what is right NOW, and “right now” can change in an instant. You canNOT look at a person and know what they have been through, where they have come from; you canNOT assume that just because someone LOOKS fit and healthy that they have ALWAYS been fit and healthy, or even that they ARE fit and healthy, because what one LOOKS like is no indicator of what they truly are INSIDE. Sure, looks may help reflect the lifestyle a person leads, even in fitness, but it does not mean that they ARE fit and healthy.

So before you are quick to have an IMPRESSION of someone you know NOTHING about, take the time to GET to know them. Ask them who they are and where they have been, and even more importantly, WHERE they are going and what they are taking from their experience. Where one has been gives you an understanding of where they are at now, and can help motivate not just them, but YOU as well, FORWARD.

You might be surprised to learn that the trainer who looks like a fitness model was once the “fat kid” at school, tormented until they reached a breaking point and turned their life around. Or that the woman who trains like someone possessed lives in constant physical pain every day, pushing through the pain because she knows the end result is worth enduring more pain. Or that the most motivating person you know projects positivity to hide the pain they feel inside, because they know that if they cannot help themselves at least they can inspire others to do great things.

What would you do if you KNEW these things? Would it change your PERSPECTIVE? Would it improve your AWARENESS? Would it make a DIFFERENCE?

EVERYONE has a story and you never know unless you ASK or they SHARE. You never know the impact YOUR story could have on another’s life, the difference knowing what you have been through and struggle with could have on someone you do not even know. So do not be afraid to let others know where you have been and what you have overcome to be where you are today.

It’s about COMMUNITY, making a DIFFERENCE, being there to HELP others create a BETTER life. SHARE TO INSPIRE!

© Rosie Chee