September 3, 2014



The world is full of things and people who want to bring you DOWN. It loves to throw chaos in our path and watch us stumble and fall. It takes delight in seeing what destruction it can cause.

Therefore, do not allow YOURSELF to become one of those things. There are too many other issues to deal with without making you a reason for falling. Instead, you should be STRENGTHENING yourself, trusting your soul, believing your instinct, seeing your heart, and questioning your mind, so that you become something that STANDS against everything else.

You have it within you to CONQUER. You have been through a lot and you will go through a lot more before your life ceases breath. Use your experiences and what you have learnt to “guide” yourself through the next obstacle and the next. Let them become a POSITIVE tool, an asset that, while you did not appreciate it back then, you are glad for now.

Life is difficult. NO one gets off lightly. But we can all determine HOW we come up against the difficulties thrown at us. We can either work our way through them, tears and sweat and blood, or we can become a PART of them and make it that much harder. Do NOT become a part of the tests life hurls at you. Be part of the SOLUTION. Know that you ARE stronger than you think if you just search that deep.

You CAN overcome. You WILL overcome. You just have to BELIEVE and see. You have to KEEP faith that even through difficulties life holds much BEAUTY to find a smile in.

© Rosie Chee