August 3, 2014



One small step can turn into leaps and bounds and somersaults, and before you know it, you’re jumping off cliffs into the open chasm below with arms wide open…

The first step is always the hardest. The first three weeks of getting up and going after something, trying to “reset” habits and patterns is always the most difficult. But you take that first step, get through those first three weeks, and everything after that becomes “easy”, and before you know, when you look back you wonder why you didn’t “start” SOONER.

STOP wondering. Start NOW. Don’t be the one who looks back three weeks from now and KNOW where you could have been or SHOULD be and berate yourself for NOT doing it. Instead, SET your plan and know what you are going to be doing day-by-day to get you one more step CLOSER to your goals. Set your plan and then ACT on it.

Envision yourself jumping off that cliff and LOVING it. Imagine running through the waves on the beach and feeling the JOY seeping through every inch of your being. Reach out for the stars and know that you have it within you to be soaring through the heavens WITH them. Know that it is NOT a dream, but a reality just waiting to be “created”.

And it’s on YOU to create it. It’s on YOU to be the change you want in your life. It’s on YOU to take that first small step that will cause your “domino effect” of growth and achievement.

© 2014 Rosie Chee