August 2, 2014



Your past is your PAST. Living in the past does no one any good. Lest of all YOU. You have to ACCEPT that what happened happened and LEARN from it. Let it GO. There is a reason it is now in the past and is no longer your life. There is a reason you are not where you WERE. Let it go and make PEACE with it so that you can move FORWARD.

Others will think many things about you. Some right, but most wrong. What others think is based on their impressions and what they THINK they know, for few will know the true soul of you, only those rare precious allowed inside to see the unpolished diamond that you are. What the world thinks does NOT matter. It is what YOU know you are that does.

Not everyone heals the same. No experience is the same and no one deals with similar experiences in the same manner. We are all human, but although we are “the same” we are NOTHING alike. The only thing “the same” is TIME, and even that takes on different meaning for hurting or grieving souls. Sometimes all we can do is allow time what it needs to try and heal the wounds in our soul.

Your life is YOUR life. It is YOUR journey. You have no right to compare your life to anyone else and vice versa. You have no right to judge anyone else and vice versa. You may experience similar things to others, but your experience is NOT their experience. Learn to look PAST what something LOOKS like to what it really IS and then you will begin to understand others and their worlds a little more.

Thinking can be a curse. OVERthinking can cause a mind to become stressed and create such a frenzy that becomes sleepless nights and time lost worrying over something that might not even be. We all have questions. Sometimes we need to learn to let those questions GO, for the answers we do not “need”, and should we know them, cause far more damage than not knowing them.

So many expect that someone else or something is what is needed to make them happy. They do not realize that happiness is not something that can be gained from an EXTERNAL source. Happiness must begin WITHIN you, deep down in the recesses of your soul and be allowed to spring forth, spreading light. Happiness comes from a soul at peace with the world and itself.

No matter what happens or how things appear, whether your day starts rough or not and you have to struggle or can flit easily through, sometimes a SMILE can change everything. Sometimes it is YOUR smile. And sometimes it is the smile of another that sparks your own. It might take effort, feel like you might crack if you try, but in the end, a GENUINE smile is beautiful and can change your entire day.

Smile. Live. Laugh. Love. TODAY.

© 2014 Rosie Chee