August 4, 2014



Many things in life help you “find yourself”, a process that can be difficult and one not looked forward to, especially since looking inside oneself can be one of the most painful things a soul can do. But “finding yourself” is not the important thing. Knowing who you are and what you stand for IS important -but only because it will give you the tools and means to help you shape and form the person you want to BE.

Finding yourself is a key step in being able to create yourself. We should be ever changing and evolving as we go through life, experiencing everything in a vortex of emotion and feeling, logic and reason, soul and heart and mind transforming with every experience, consciously and UNconsciously, whether from necessity or simply because EVERYthing causes SOME change in a soul.

God gives us a lifetime to become the person we are MEANT to be. That means a lifetime of CREATING yourself. Evolving. Stepping into “new” versions of you. Choosing what to keep and what to cast away. Deciding what journey to take to get to your dreams. How to maneuver through the obstacles of life. Each and every decision we make, every turn we take, every step trodden, CREATES us. It “makes” us.

Not everyone will like what you are, the changes you make, the soul you reveal. That doesn’t matter. When you are REAL you WILL have “haters”, the critics, those who think your life should be different and you with it. What they think does NOT matter, for in the end, it is YOUR life and you are the one who must live it.

Life is about creating the BEST you possible. Someone YOU can be proud of. A legacy that will be remembered for the DIFFERENCE it made and the SOUL that touched others. Life might be about “finding yourself” as you begin your journey of “evolution”, but in the end, it becomes about “creating yourself”, as you shape the world around you to form a reality of dreams you can live in.

© 2014 Rosie Chee