July 20, 2014



There comes the time when your soul says “enough is ENOUGH”, when you decide that no longer will there be ANY allowance of compromise in anything you might do, those who you spend time with, and the dreams that you chase. There WAS a time once before when you were so sure in yourself and the path you were following that you never hesitated for a moment; but somehow you allowed yourself to be “caught”, trust misplaced in what came to be a “keeper”, fighting your instinct in a toxic relationship that eventually took destructive toll on the wild creature that was never meant to be caged, [dreams returning of the time when there was freedom to roam and instinct trusted to guide true].

A “wild creature” might be “tamed” for a time, but in the end its true nature will roar for supremacy and it WILL fight for what it has always meant to be, breaking free [or die trying as it does] of the bonds that hold it captive and seek to prevent it from becoming the powerful force that is its destiny. Wild creatures do not suffer “mistakes” lightly and as soon as they realize thus they “accommodate” them little longer, understanding that there is no purpose in allowing such things to remain and that it only serves to give that which should never have had any, more power.

There was never a time when your soul did NOT have the “power” to walk away from the cage it found itself in, even as it might have taken the lessons of captivity to help it FIND that power and “release” it. Once released and you are “free”, even if in times past you did not endure “fools” easily, you find now that there is even less patience for those who only seek to ultimately be as the one who became “keeper” and deter you from the path your instinct drives you along. Therefore, anyone or anything that “stands in the way” of the truth in your soul is cast from your life as the wild creature juggernauts past them.

There is a new ferocity in the “beast unleashed”, something deeper than “wild” glimmering in the depths and those around it become aware, even as it “feels” different but the same as it was before. The determination is more determined, the strength stronger, the passion more passionate, and the aura for those who can discern it changed, even as it has not. There IS a difference in the soul of a creature once again free and if you do not yet understand it, you WILL.

© 2014 Rosie Chee