July 18, 2014



No one is perfect. No one ever truly becomes ALL they are meant to be in this lifetime, even though we TRY as hard as we can to attain the ULTIMATE and become the BEST version of us that we can POSSIBLY be.

No one knows everything. No one every truly stops learning, as there is infinitely vast knowledge on myriad subjects, some so obscure that to find one who knows even the slightest tidbit on them is rare, and we continue to our last breath to learn new things.

No one is immune. No one ever truly can say that they are invincible and never need help, for everyone has a weakness, even if it is not visible to the world, and everyone has a point in their life when they desire even a second soul for the minutest moment, if only to listen.

This life is finite, even as life is infinite. We can never stop learning or growing as we evolve into something greater than we are. We will always be surrounded by people, even as we cast ourselves alone at times, and loneliness is a reality for those even in the crowd, if only in passing.

Life is for us to CONTINUE, to APPLY all that we know, so that we can GROW into the most incredible of souls, surprising the world and BEING surprised by the MAGNITUDE of the WONDER in which we exist as such a tiny speck, as significant as we allow ourselves to be created.

© Rosie Chee