July 21, 2014



The PEOPLE in your life can be very important. If you surround yourself with negative and toxic people, you will eventually find yourself dragged down to their depths, and that is not where you want to be. If you are surrounded by people who seek only to limit your potential and are jealous to see you spread your wings and fly, you will eventually either become resentful that you are “stopped” at every turn or you will begin to become negative and toxic. If you surround yourself with people who have been through destruction and pain and can still smile and see the beauty and good in life, then you will find yourself encouraging each other and lending strength when it is needed. If you surround yourself with positive and motivating people who believe in you and support your dreams, you will find yourself enjoying an abundant life full of blessings as you reach further and strive higher with those also moving forward in life.

Who you choose to ALLOW yourself to be surrounded by can make a huge difference in your life. Are those closest to you truly the ones who know and see and accept you for who you are and will only seek to encourage you, yet not be afraid to confront you because they care if they see yourself in a place of destruction and tell you the truth even if you do not want to see it? Or are they those who claim to know who you are, even as they do not understand your truth and purpose and only seek your attention when they want it or have no one else to turn to? Are those you let close holding you accountable and challenging you so that you grow, as you are them, and do they have your best interests at heart, as you do theirs? Or are you simply a passing whim to them, a moment of pleasure or a “novelty” they think delightful until it no longer serves them?

WHO are the people in your life? Who are you SURROUNDING yourself with? Who are you allowing into your INNER circle? Are they true souls or soulless facades? Do they truly listen to you and support you, or do they only criticize and condemn and seek to tear you down? Do they know what makes you truly happy and can they tell the difference, or do they just call you “happy” when you smile?

The negative, the toxic, the limiters, the energy demons, the “stagnant”, the fake – they will all ultimately hold you BACK from tapping your true potential and seeing your dreams realized. But the positive, the supporters, the warriors, the pioneers, the real who see and know your heart – they will walk WITH you into the fulfilment of all you are meant to be and more.

As you ask yourself who you surround yourself with, ask yourself what type of person YOU are and what YOU give to others’ lives. You know who you DON’T want in YOUR life, so if you are not already, choose to be one you WOULD have and seek to make an inspiring and positive difference in the lives of all those you touch.

© 2014 Rosie Chee