June 9, 2014



The past has GONE. LEARN from it. Do NOT dwell on it. Look back on it only to TAKE from it lessons that have moulded you into who you are TODAY.

The present is HERE. It is a GIFT. It is a chance to live IN the moment. It is your “second chance”, a time to get it RIGHT. It is your opportunity to create the life you WANT to live.

The future is COMING. It has YET to be determined. It will become what you start NOW. It is your MOTIVATION to “becoming”. It is your VISION of reality, the one you see in your soul.

You canNOT go back and CHANGE the past. You cannot change the moments ALREADY gone in the present. But…you CAN change what will BE. You can turn your heart to those dreams and desires and set your mind and actions on the path that will LEAD you to their manifestation.

You CAN change the way your life is going. You CAN change the future you are determining NOW. You CAN become and be all that you want, all that you have the gift and potential for. You CAN.

It’s YOUR choice WHAT lessons you keep in your soul. It is YOUR choice what blessings you SEIZE and hold onto and never want to let go of. It is YOUR choice what DIRECTION you walk in.

Know that in the end everything comes TOGETHER to create what you have been BUILDING. Your past taught what you do and do NOT want, gave you the tools you need to get through whatever life throws in your path on your way to reach the stars. Your present is STILL giving you gifts, the people to walk beside you, the love that burns brighter with you, the drive to continue on, even as your past falls away. The future you are reaching out FOR, reminding yourself why you do what you’re doing, justifying the actions that lift you towards the stars you seek.

Know your SOUL. Know your DREAMS. Now CREATE them!

© Rosie Chee