June 8, 2014



It’s all very well and good to have people believe in you. But what value does that hold if YOU do not believe in you? You, who should be your BIGGEST supporter – what does that say when you do not believe in yourself? WHY? Look inside your soul and ask the question: What caused me to lose my faith in myself and my abilities? Maybe it was someone who allowed doubt to creep into your mind. Maybe it was a loved one who did not understand your dream who battered your belief. Maybe it was that somewhere along the way you got lost and never found your way back to the path. Maybe you forgot the truth lying in your soul.

Whatever happened, whoever it was, you need to set that ASIDE and RID yourself of doubt. You need to dig deep and reach for the PASSION that started you dreaming and remember WHY you dreamt your dream. You need to pull from the depths of everything you are your strength to OVERCOME and push that energy into knocking down the walls that are keeping you locked away from your dream. You need to let the small light inside begin to glow, brighter and brighter, until it flushes away all trace of darkness and fear and doubt in who you are and what you can do.

You need to start to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. For it all STARTS WITH YOU. The reality waiting to embrace you, the manifestation of your dreams, the future smiling in your direction – EVERYTHING stands on the scales balanced in YOUR mind. For in YOUR mind starts the journey to BEING. In your mind the dream in your soul takes form and your heart gives it flight and your actions give it life. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

© Rosie Chee