June 10, 2014



You have passion for certain things for a reason. You have specific talents and abilities for a reason. You are like no other, past, present, or to be. You are you for a reason and who you are is AWESOME.

FOLLOW your passions. USE your talents and abilities. CELEBRATE your uniqueness. No one else can ever “be” YOU, so make the MOST of it and show the world who you ARE.

Put a smile on someone’s face just because you CAN. Make a heart happy because in their happiness YOU also find happiness. Hold NOTHING back for you never know when you will never have another moment to say or do that which your soul seeks to express.

You are so much MORE than a body. You are SO much more than a soul. You are so much more than another LIFE. So make the MOST of the life you have been given and let your light SHINE bright amidst the wonders of the world around you.

Do more of what makes you YOU. Be who only YOU can be. Make the DIFFERENCE that only you can make. Love the way only you know how to love. LIVE and do MORE of what makes you AWESOME.

© Rosie Chee