March 11, 2013




You’ve “remade” yourself more times than you can count. You’ve sculpted your body numerous ways over the years as goals and priorities change. You’ve transformed yourself like a chameleon. And now you’re about to do it AGAIN…

It’s a new season. The perfect time to “reinvent” yourself in the model that you want to be, the version of you that will best REPRESENT you in the days ahead, the example that you want to give and BE to the world. Today starts a NEW day, a new week, a new SEASON. It is your chance to start “over” and create the you that you want to be and see. It is your time to get it “right”, with no falling off the trail or veering from the path to another destination other than the one you have set yourself.

The signs in the road you’re walking on say “under construction”. It is true of life and it is true of YOU. From this day forward YOU are UNDER CONSTRUCTION, piece by piece, one step at a time, minute inspection of the being you are and calculating the length of time to the endpoint in your mind. It is time to put up the mental signs to keep you “on track”, pull out the demolishing equipment, and whittling away the parts of you that have NO place in your future.

It’s not just your BODY under construction, but your MIND as well. The way you think, how you perceive the world and that which is in it, your place and role in life, exploring the ULTIMATE version of you inside AND out, so that, come the end of the season (or however long it takes you to build your masterpiece), you are everything you WANT to be. And then some…

Your new body is under construction. Your soul is undertaking the hardest journey of all in making the mental parallel of that physical “transformation”. YOU are beginning from the very start the life and you that you always dreamed of being and are MEANT to be.

© 2013 Rosie Chee