March 12, 2013

2013 | Day 70: RIGHT FOR YOU



You are always going to be faced with decisions in life. Choices that your mind fumbles in deciding between, torn between your instinct and mind. There are always going to be difficulties on ANY road that you travel in life. Obstacles will block your path and you must choose HOW to deal with them, whether you go around them, climb over them, or make a way through them. No matter what you do, you make a DECISION. There is no “right” or “wrong” decision. In the end, there is only what is “right” for YOU, the choice that you make one that you will have to ultimately deal with. Thus, you HAVE to do what is right for you, regardless of others’ opinions. Sometimes instinct will take over and you will make the decision without thinking. Sometimes you will mull it over, contemplating every angle, until you find the solution that seems to be the best. Sometimes you find your soul and mind so at odds with each other that you find yourself torn between what you desperately desire and what you know makes more sense. In the end, only YOU can decide. If the decision is one that is going to have a lingering effect, maybe you need to include your soul, heart, AND mind into making it. Truly though, you WILL know what is “right” for you. Instinctively your soul will know if the decision you have made is the best, although there might be some turmoil in making that decision. Only YOU know the truth of your soul. Only YOU are the best judge of what is “right” for you. Only YOU truly know where you want your life to lead and who you want in it. Thus, only YOU can make the “right” decision for YOU.

© 2013 Rosie Chee