March 9, 2013

2013 | Day 67: OUR LIGHT



Sometimes when life brings our spirits down, we forget that it is only temporary and that we have the power within us to light our OWN way. We have a flame inside us, whether it’s only a tiny ember in this moment. That flame has the potential to burn high AND bright and saturate the area around us with light so magnificent the path before us could not be clearer. We have the power to be a light, not just for ourselves, but for OTHERS as well. We have the courage, no matter how far down it is hidden, to work THROUGH anything life throws at us, no matter how destructive the heartache and pain.

When the walls are closing in on us, causing claustrophobia, our night sky devoid of stars, we have to reach down INSIDE of ourselves and look for that light. We need to search for that spark, no matter how small, and learn to wield it with such might that it cannot help but brighten the room so that we can see the walls, that crack in them for us to escape through. We have to let it become THE star in our night, guiding us back to the dawn, where everything is born again and given another chance at life and to reset our soul.

TRUST in yourself, in your instinct, in that light. Trust it to keep you alive when you think all is over and that there’s nothing left, when it gets hard and you have nowhere to turn, when the weight of the world feels as if it rests on your shoulders alone. Trust that the light you have inside you will see you through, that it can light up your ENTIRE world so that even the shadows are scared to come near. Trust that light and SURVIVE. Survive to LIVE!

© 2013 Rosie Chee