December 21, 2012

2012 | Day 356: ONCE UPON A TIME



Life is a MIRACLE. Life is a FAIRY-TALE. Life is a story that time tells and we CREATE through our decisions and actions. Life can be WHATEVER we want it to be if we are willing to believe that it CAN be. Life can be a dream come TRUE if we ALLOW it to manifest as our reality. Life can be everything we could ever want and so much MORE if we open our hearts and souls to the POSSIBILITY.

NEVER say “never”, for you never know when “never” can become a TRUTH right in front of you, lived by YOU in a life you might never have imagined for yourself. Life loves to SURPRISE you, so never give up hope and always have faith that it is so much MORE than what is SEEN, that endless potential and wonder lie in wait for you, for that moment when you least expect it.

ALWAYS dream. Always BELIEVE. Life IS a miracle and ANYthing can happen!

© 2012 Rosie Chee