December 25, 2012

2012 | Day 360: THE BEST DREAMS



Dreams are wonderful. They give us hope, light and something to look forward to. But dreams are just that – dreams. They exist in our minds – inactive and sleeping. For the most part . . . LIFE itself is a dream – a miracle, MAGIC waiting to happen, sitting patiently outside the door to your soul, for you to SEE it for what it truly is.

Dreams come true. Life ITSELF is a dream – each day that you live, the people your life is blessed with, the love that fills your heart with hope and light. Dreams when you are sleeping are nice, but the ones that happen when you’re AWAKE are so much better. The dreams that manifest when you are conscious and fully aware are the ones that are MIRACLES.

Dreams GIVE life. Life itself is a DREAM – one borne OF dreams and one that we perpetually live in, a fairy-tale of immense proportions, for the creator of this dream is omnipotent and magnificent, desiring only to see a SMILE in our soul, that smile flowing from inside, OUT into the world to BLESS others and give them a glimpse of the LIGHT inside you, of the potential and wonder that you are, that He is.

Dreams create BELIEF. The greatest miracle in the world was the birth of a special baby, for that miracle is what ultimately came to give us the chance at NEW life, salvation, life BEYOND this life, limitless dreams manifesting as reality. Believe with all your soul, heart, and mind in the POWER of dreams, but know that the BEST dreams are not the ones hidden inside, but the ones we LIVE.

© 2012 Rosie Chee