June 3, 2012

2012 | Day 152: How can I pretend I never knew you, like it was all a dream?


Who You Were Meant To Be

“Success” is a word that gets flung around a lot, but do the people that use it always know what they are referring to? “Success” means something different to every individual, and just because one defines it as “x” does not mean that another will share their opinion. Sure, “success” can be what the world sees - accomplishments and awards and trophies. But that is barely a single aspect - certainly not the most important one at that - of “success”, and even if you have none of those accolades does not mean that you have not obtained “success”.

“Success” is far more than what the world SEES. It is a process - very much like the ongoing journey of life - that occurs INSIDE of a person. It is the personal battles and struggles that they fight and overcome. It is the fierceness of their desire in following their dreams, the adamant courage and determination that consumes their hearts, the unrelenting force of willpower that enables them to stand apart from the rest of the world as they strive to become the person they were meant to be. It is learning from the past and using every experience to move forwards, even if they’re not entirely sure where it is that they are heading, as long as they know that the direction is only taking them further and higher than they gave ever gone before, the journey moulding them into something better by the day.

It takes courage to walk alone - if that’s what one must do. It takes strength to face the unknown - any place you have never gone before can cause trepidation. It takes more than simply wanting it - it will take EVERYthing you have to become everything you were meant to be.

Some people will never obtain “success” and become all that they were meant to be, whether by lack of will or strength of character, or allowing others to simply hold them back and keep them stagnating. It is sad, yes, but it is also truth.

Those brave souls who dare to be themselves, do what others think impossible, unwilling to compromise who they are and the desires of their heart, will be the ones who achieve true “success”.

Quote for Reflection:


Run 3 miles

Stretch 20 min

Woke up with the worst migraine I have had in weeks - excess weight gained and lack of water the likely cause of it. REALLY didn't feel like doing ANYthing today - physically and mentally not "in the game" - but I DID. Never run so slow in my life - even slower than the time a week or so ago, pace 6.8 min/mile! My legs still feel so heavy, like someone is trying to fit more into my skin than will fit, holding a lot of water, especially in my lower legs (a definite first for me holding water there). VERY UNcomfortable right now, but preparing to kick myself back into hell re training next week, because this is NOT acceptable - I was SO close at the end of May, but being "close" to what I want is NOT enough; I must REACH AND SURPASS it! My body is rebelling against me for everything I have put it through the last few months, making me more conscious than ever about my HEALTH - focus MUST be on my HEALTH and now I know without doubt my "triggers", I will be back to the conditioning I [am used to and] want in no time!