June 4, 2012

2012 | Day 153: It's time to rise up, man up, get back up...



No one else can do it for you. Make you the person you want to be. It’s entirely on YOU to do it. To take charge of your destiny and create it the way YOU want it to be. YOU SHAPE YOU. YOU have the power. YOU make the decisions. It’s YOU. ALL YOU. If you don’t like where you’re at or what you’re becoming, then CHANGE it. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and make it better. FIX IT YOURSELF. DO IT YOURSELF. YOU have everything you need to become what you should be. Find it, use it, and BECOME. The onus is on YOU. YOU SHAPE YOU. Take CONTROL TODAY.

Quote for Reflection:


HIIT Treadmill:
a. 4 min @ 4.4 min/km
b. 1 x 20 sec effort @ 3.8 min/km /10 sec rest
c. 1 x 20 sec effort @ 3.6 min/km /10 sec rest
d. 6 x 20 sec efforts @ 3.4 min/km /10 sec rest
e. 2 min @ 4.4 min/km

Shoulders/Hamstrings (30 sec recovery between supersets):
SuperSet A -
1. Behind-the-neck BB Military Press 4 x 12, 9, 6, 6
2. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet B -
3. Rear Flyes 2 x 8
4. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet C -
5. BB Military Press 4 x 12, 9, 8, 7
6. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet D -
7. DB Clean and Press 2 x 8
8. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet E -
9. Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 4 x 10 per side
10. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet F -
11. Alternate Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 2 x 12 per side
12. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet G -
13. Stiff-Legged DB Deadlifts (on bench, DB reach down ~4 inches) 4 x 8
14. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet H -
15. Swissball Leg Curls 2 x 12
16. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions

Post-Weights Cardio:
Recline Bike 20 min @ 105-110 rpm

Stretch 21 min


Sleep: Not able to go to sleep until quite late these days, affecting my ability to get up as well, struggling a little sometimes, groggy and foggy, waking with my head "thick".

Energy: Waning, but pulling through where I need to.

Pump: Solid and hard.

Quality of Training: Yes, used the treadmill today re HIIT - was ok on my lower legs and knees surprisingly; more of an effort on my lungs. Resistance training was a bit of a battle, left wrist aching at times, and sharpness thought left and right delt/biceps' tendons (more left), left arch favoured a lot during the skipping, and having a general hard time breathing. My body is definitely feeling the excess body mass and will be glad when it is gone again. Overall though, glad I did the session, smiles and laughter afterwards - the gym truly is one place where I can be happy.

Supplements: I now pretty much have only Assault (I have two more servings left of the last of my original tubs - then it'll be onto the latest version in Watermelon flavour), MuscleGels, RecoverPRO, and Vitamin C left - the bare basics, so going to be interesting until I get more of the rest of my staples (can't wait - especially re Erase and Recompadrol!)

Other Notes: So the last few days haven't been the best, in a funk that I haven't seemed to be able to shake. But it's time to shake it off now and just GET IT TOGETHER! It's time to get back in the game, put "that" face on and just get back up, to come back STRONGER!