March 30, 2017



Your SOUL is the most PRECIOUS part of you. It is the CORE of you. It is your HEART, your DREAMS, your LOVE, your LIFE. It is the ESSENCE of what makes you YOU.

Too often we allow our soul to become dusty or dirty. We bear with a situation or get burdened down with weight that creates such heaviness in our soul that sometimes we feel like we just want to close our eyes and sleep forever. Sometimes the pen we write our life with drips black ink that falls on our soul and creates a dark stain where once light shone through.

A life is NOT a life when our soul becomes too damaged. It is only HALF a life when our soul becomes so tired that it wilts instead of grows. It has a negative effect on not only us but those AROUND us, and that is NOT what we want to ensure.

If your soul does not get NOURISHED, like a flower that needs the sun, it wilts and eventually dies. You canNOT let that happen. So even if it hurts like hell, renders your soul in pieces for a time, sometimes we must REMOVE any aspects from our lives that would cover the light of our soul and prevent it from reaching for the sun.

Life is too SHORT to allow yourself to live it merely SURVIVING. It’s time to take a stand and “spring clean” your soul, everything that resides there, hidden or not, and determine whether its presence in your life has a positive or negative cause and effect. If it is NOT positive, allow yourself to let it GO. Allow yourself to begin to LIVE again.

© Rosie Chee