April 3, 2017



Your HEART can be deceived. Your SOUL canNOT, for it is your TRUE core and the essence that senses the heart of a matter. If there is a “passion” in your heart that does NOT stem from your soul, then there is a likelihood of that passion being false. When you seek within yourself, work back to the “root” of a passion and find it lodged deep in the crevices of your SOUL THEN you can know that it is “true” for you.

When your passion is TRUE and you follow it with all that you are and have, you canNOT go “wrong”. Your INTUITION was designed like a “compass” to guide you in the “right” direction for your life, and that direction should be determined by your SOUL.

When the love you have for something is lodged so deep that to remove it would be to remove a part of yourself, do NOT hesitate in FOLLOWING it, chasing after it to see where it “leads”, traversing whatever journey your life sets out upon in its pursuit. When you follow your TRUE heart, the passion in your soul, that which you love without compare, you will not go astray, because that passion would NOT be if it was not MEANT to be.

© Rosie Chee