December 22, 2016


Some days she's dark; some days she's light. No matter what, she's always true; she's always her - that you can trust. Her soul is dark with shimmers light, her heart black stained with crimson tears, her mind shattered but always sense. She holds madness in one hand and peace in the other, each as much a part of her as her smile, or tears, or eyes that look through your soul. She can hide with the best of them, assumptions and impressions all the world once knew of her, until she chose to share herself, and in her vulnerability let slip too much, the truth behind the mask now seen: The love behind the distance, empathy behind the cold, pain behind the indifference, an aching beyond the loneliness that she rarely sets free. There is a soul unlike any other, an oxymoron complete, for she is as she is not, a complexity few will - if ever - understand. Both woman and girl, enlightened though innocent and anything but, a soul forever young even as it has lived lifetimes; a Gemini is she, but so much more than can ever be explained by words. She just simply is and will always be. Me.

© Rosie Chee