October 29, 2016


She's lived and loved, cried and died, a phoenix rising through lifetimes, echoing haunted eyes from memories past. She terrifies those have never understood or can never understand, turning from seeing or hearing the truth that is her. Those who have known her in lifetimes before are surprised to see the explosion of passion from whence she emerges, not used to seeing glimpses of soul as they whisper out from the depths of the dark she usually keeps locked away from prying eyes, safe from all save a chosen few, not selected by her but by her heart, unpredictable creature that it is, sometimes causing even she to wonder at its madness. Unlike the world surrounding her, she walks in truthful contradiction, strange and tumultuous chaos to an environment that seeks control and order. There is madness in her kaleidoscope whirlwind through your sphere, a uniquely furious beauty that captures attention, scaring you, even as you desire to touch or take hold of the free spirit always wished for, fear of the unknown with the realization that the only ones who can truly join her are rare kin souls who understand the illusion and warrior in their midst.

© Rosie Chee

Photo taken by: Carley Patmythes
Make-Up by: Carley Patmythes (assisted by Mikayla Smith)