October 27, 2016


A mysterious chameleon, changing colours depending on her mood and emotion, she is the woman you can spend a lifetime trying to figure out, for she is an ongoing evolution of soul. She shimmers in and out of vision, vibrant with life as she smiles at you, before soulful eyes turn dark, tiny glimmers in inky depths the only hint that there is anything of the light which first captured your attention. New and unique facets of her personality seen at every twist and turn, like the ever changing scope of shadows as the sun rises and sets and the moon comes out to cast its glow on the world, revealing indescribable beauty that can linger in the midnight, wonders that seen in any other light might hold another curious perspective, tempting and teasing, luring you to desire the experience, another layer of depth to the elusive creature you seek. There is something that draws you in, wanting more, to be able to be close, one of those rare few who are allowed to see the soul beneath the impression that creates more illusion than certainty, unsure what might be fantasy and what is reality. She is the woman you can look at and see differently each time, a quietly reposed soul or uninhibited free spirit, almost childlike in innocence or charmingly seductive in a manner unconscious as she simply lives her truth in the moment. All who look will notice something different, bring out something different, call her “different”, because they do not understand what drives such a creature, changing from azure to turquoise to crimson to pearl and light to dark in mere seconds. There are many flaws in the raw jewel before your gaze, but it is the imperfections that make her “perfect” to another alien soul.

© Rosie Chee

Photo taken by: Carley Patmythes;
Make-Up by: Carley Patmythes (assisted by Mikayla Smith)