February 1, 2016



Life never ceases to amaze. The longer you live, the more surprised you can become. It’s nice. Feeling happy and smiling for simply no reason at all. Or because of the unexpected blessings that you suddenly find right there where you once never saw them. It’s a wonderful feeling living each day as a brand new ADVENTURE, open to what may come, willing to give everything a chance, because you never know when something might become one of the BEST things in your life.

Open your eyes. See what IS there. See the POSSIBILITIES. Imagine the POTENTIAL. Not everything will become something or be an experience you might want to repeat or relive, but everything will TEACH you about life and yourself and that is worth it. It is worth it because the more you learn, the more you GROW, and the more you grow, the more AWARE you are, in tune with yourself and your place in the world, which can ultimately be anything you want it to be.

You can DO anything you want to. It’s about believing you can and being willing to take the risk and stepping out there and challenging yourself. Opening yourself up to potential failure, yes, but also a higher possibility of success, because success WILL eventuate if you stay with your dream and give it your best. The world is a playground for the dreamers, for they are the pioneers of this life, the movers, the shakers, the ones who refuse to believe that anything can be “impossible”.

Open your heart. Accept the people that come into your life, whether they are reason, season, or lifetime. You do not have to determine what they are in this instant, but know that there is ALWAYS a purpose for someone [or something] when it happens, even if we never realize it until eons later. There is something in every interaction we have, always an impact, whether we are aware of it or not, and the more intuitive souls will recognize “moments” when they are.

Life is a wondrous thing. There is ALWAYS something that can surprise even the most hardened of souls. There is always something that can soften one, make a heart smile, cause a mind to open, and dreams to begin again. Not black or white and sometimes not even shades of grey, but brilliant streaks of colour, like a kaleidoscope of intense and infinite proportions it can be once you are OPEN to what is and can be, welcoming each new day like the amazing blessing that it is.

© Rosie Chee