February 26, 2016



You know what it feels like. You’ve been there. You might be there NOW. You know the pain that resides deep down in the souls of the lost and brokenhearted. It’s not enough to JUST know. It’s not enough to care. You have to SHOW that you care, that you UNDERSTAND. You have to be real enough that you ARE the example others can look towards, the strength that they could hold onto, a glimmer of hope that everything will work itself out and be all right. Even if everything is NOT ok for you, you can do this for them because you still have HOPE and faith in something far bigger and greater than yourself and your circumstances.

No one might know what is going on with you. All they see is a smile and positivity, the words of encouragement to others, the empathy radiating from your soul when you are confided in with others’ fears and secrets. Even if they knew what you were going through, you cannot stand there and simply tell them what to do or to have faith that it’ll be ok. You have to TRULY believe it too yourself, not just for them, but for YOU.

You have to be MORE than a message. You have to be a living, breathing EXAMPLE. You have to show through your own ACTIONS that no matter what, giving up is NEVER an option, that what is happening now can only make you STRONGER. You have to show that even if it breaks you for a time, destroys you so completely you feel like there is nothing left to recognize in the aftermath, the world CONTINUES. YOU continue.

Life goes on. And you have to BE there, pushing forward and striving higher than ever before. You have to show that your circumstances do NOT define you, even if they help SHAPE you and the path your future might follow. You have to show them that pain is just a TOOL used to see what you are MADE of, to make you truly realize what is IMPORTANT to you, that which is precious and IRREPLACEABLE, and give you the burning courage to fight FOR it with everything you have. If you want to make a DIFFERENCE, YOU have to be the MESSAGE.

© Rosie Chee