December 6, 2015


"YOU are living your story."

That's right; everything you have ever experienced, felt, dreamt - it's been YOU. No one else has lived your exact life. No one else has discovered yourself quite like you - they may know or see you differently, and you are likely the one with the harshest view, but they do not know you as you do.

Life can be cruel at times, but it can also be beautiful and there is always hope; always a light. Despite the flames that seek to consume you, stand tall and embrace them; BECOME the fire, ablaze with passion and powerful potential. Do not shrink back from your dreams and heart - instead them yourself be led by the soul that burns and turns and wanders; be ALIVE within yourself and life.

At any point you can decide to CHANGE your story; to walk a different path. And that's ok. Evolution, transformation, awakening, enlightenment - it's a part of living and growing and becoming. Fear not the future ahead and regret not the past you leave behind. Be brave and dare greatly - give yourself permission to LIVE. Every day, every moment, as if it were magic, a true fairy-tale, your reality a fantasy, and you, at any time, can decide who you are and want to be in that story.

© 2015 Rosie Chee