March 30, 2015



There is strength and then there is STRENGTH. One is seen and one is DONE. True strength is not always seen but exists despite anonymity, persevering because the one who bears it KNOWS and that is all that truly matters.

There are days when you wake and wonder what and why. There are moments and events and circumstances where understanding eludes you. Regardless, “strength” keeps going, keeps moving forward, no matter the pace, because it trusts in something bigger than can be seen.

Every day holds potential for GROWTH. Everything is “designed” to make us stronger and better equipped to “deal” with whatever may come. Accept that, embrace it, and just keep on doing “you” the way it is “right” in your soul.

True strength needs no recognition, even as it empowers and inspires, albeit not always even knowing it. Regardless of anything external, know yourself and be at peace with it, letting your life be your “example” and your actions be your “words”.

© 2015 Rosie Chee