March 25, 2015



Yes, there are some times when life knocks you down. But a true warrior, a born fighter, will CONTINUE fighting, even if it might not seem like it. Getting knocked down is a given, and staying down for a time can be forgiven, but getting back UP is ALWAYS the ONLY “option”. Whatever happens, the highs and lows, NEVER stop fighting, because there is MORE to life than this; there is more than can be SEEN and EVERYTHING is significant, revealed when you are “ready”.

Life is MORE than a “fight”. It is a test, a trial, a race, an “endurance”. There is no true “finish”, for this life will lead onto the next, but it IS a “race” full of obstacles that will challenge even the hardest contender. The “end” should not even be in our mind, for it will come to each in their own time, and it is the WAY the “race” is run that is important.

You need more than willpower and strength to fight, to go on when the odds seemed stacked against you, when hope might seem like the merest glimmer. More than power and might or skill and instinct. You need FAITH, for the belief in something BIGGER than yourself and a PURPOSE for living can carry you through the most struggling times. No matter what happens, how many hits you take, how many times you fall, how much damage you sustain, believe that it is WORTH it and KEEP FIGHTING IN FAITH!

© 2015 Rosie Chee