February 21, 2015



There are people in your life whom you will never forget, whether you live another hour or day or year or lifetime, and whether they are in your life or you have “let them go” for whatever reason was necessary. Yet even if the latter, though you may have “given them up to God” and “made your peace” with their time in your life, your heart can and often will still hold onto them as precious gifts and blessings you were given the joy of having for however short or long a term, your soul never giving up on them, even if their time has “passed”.

Sometimes those we thought “gone” from our lives can “return” or be “rediscovered”, the love we will always have for them smiling. No one is ever truly “lost” to or from us, choices either we or they make determining their absence or presence in our lives.

Miracles are not reserved only for the “worthy” or certain people, but everyone, and everyone is deserving of them in their lives. Whether you might have given up hope or tried to move on from the touching of another soul against your own, nothing in your past or present will hold you back from the possibility of a miracle now or in the future. And even if we have “released” another soul from ours for our own wellbeing and healing, one day the miracle might come to pass that rekindling relationship with that soul is part of our journey and ongoing growth.

Even if you “let go”, if someone touches you so deeply and inspires change in your life, never “give up” on them, for not all souls “develop” at the same rate and in the same scope, and in due time, what may not have been “ready” for you, or them, might one day “come into its own”.

© 2015 Rosie Chee