January 30, 2015



“You judge yourself harder than anyone I have ever met.” Someone once told me this and they have never been alone in expressing that sentiment.

It is hard NOT to criticize ourselves for our shortcomings and flaws. Yet the truth is we will NEVER be “perfect” and it is unreasonable to expect ourselves to be. This does not mean we should not expect highly of ourselves, but because we ARE human and WILL “mess up” sometimes, learn that it is NOT ok to perpetually beat ourselves up when we “fail” to meet the personal standards we have set.

“Today, I will not judge myself.” I saw these words this morning and they hit a chord. That someone was right: I do not judge others, but expect “everything” from myself and always have.

Our self-talk is so very important, the inner dialogue that reverberates inside consciously and unconsciously guiding and driving us in thought and action, and I know better than anyone that we can be our own destruction more than anything else. Imagine, just for a moment, a single day where you do NOT judge yourself and simply LOVE the flawed being that you are.

Maybe it is time to not JUST imagine. Time to release anything negative or toxic withIN, give “freedom” of complete and unconditional acceptance of self. I am willing to try and see what difference it makes.

© 2015 Rosie Chee