January 29, 2015



Dream how you WANT to dream! Let your imagination run WILD. Let it LOOSE through the realm of everything possible (because everything IS) and marvel at the wonders it sees there. Let yourself CHOOSE what you will and challenge the world to dare tell you “no”.

The world will ALWAYS be too small for some to fathom. It will always hold small minds that seek to suppress those who REFUSE to believe that there is nothing they cannot do. It will always have the majority who will doubt and hate and belittle the dreams of the minority who actually are the ones MAKING a difference and creating a CHANGE in the scope of what is and isn’t.

There is NO other way to dream than BIG. There is no other way to PIONEER than to go where most dare not to even step. There is no other way to BE the change you want to be or make the difference you want to make withOUT daring to “carve your own path”, BEING and LIVING the example.

The world forgets that the SMALLEST thing and what can seem like the most “insignificant” action can end up being the BIGGEST thing and create the most “unimaginable” change through lifetimes and ages. Even if your dream starts with YOU, it has the potential to GROW into something far more powerful than you might ever conceive. So dream BIG, biggER than “big”, and ignore anyone who says otherwise!

© 2015 Rosie Chee