January 14, 2015



Strength isn’t about power or might. Sometimes strength is simply smiling at another when you don’t “have” a smile or just being there to listen when you’re exhausted and want to do anything but. Strength is not always “seen”, but it is always FELT and you never know who is observing.

You might never know it, but YOU could change someone’s life. You could be the catalyst for them looking into the mirror and searching deep and asking themselves what they truly want out of life. You could be the one they look up to and aspire to “be like”, because they see what you do and know a little of your story. You could be a “reason” in their life that inspires them to become BETTER.

It might not seem like you are being strong sometimes, but what is and what is seen are not always the same thing, and people are so very influenced by impressions, even when they come to learn the “truth”, and sometimes the truth makes them take a few steps back and think and “see” more.

When it feels like you have none, draw on Him. There is a never-ending supply of strength and grace waiting for us if we just ask for it. In the times when we don’t feel strong or want to be, then it is time to let His power be the strength we need. Remember, STILL being here, is strength and you never know what that means or “tells” others and the impact that a single ripple can make.

© 2015 Rosie Chee