December 17, 2014



The world is in the palm of your hands, yours for the taking, if you BELIEVE it. It is there, in all its magnificence and glory, with all the possibilities and potential, just waiting for you to grasp it. Waiting for you to decide the reality you want and take that first step towards making it, to chase the dreams in your heart like anything LESS than success is never an option.

And it’s not. Success is always the aim, “failure” ever only a learning curve, a stepping stone teaching you how not to do something. We can always learn, because there is never a point in our lives when we stop evolving, where we should cease striving for the stars that light our soul and keep us burning bright. The world, especially our OWN, is what we MAKE of it and we can choose the path we take.

What path do YOU want to take? What MESSAGE do you want your life to give? What will YOU choose to define you? Myriad questions swirling inside the mind, seeking answers and demanding ACTION, because only action creates momentum towards the world desired to manifest. Only action ultimately makes the intangible TANGIBLE.

The world can be built or destroyed in the palm of your hands. It can be as big or as small as you perceive. The impression you leave and difference you make can be as whimsy as a leaf in a storm or as indelible as a branded scar. Everything you dream, say, do, believe, all becomes a part of the world and the reality you find yourself living in, so make sure it is what you WANT.

© 2014 Rosie Chee