December 18, 2014



You call me “sexy”, “hot”; even “stunning”. All these words, but you do not know what lies beneath the surface. What you see on the outside is only a shallow impression of what I am and tells you NOTHING of the truth of me.

I am so much MORE than a body. I have a soul. I think. I feel. My spirit triumphs and cries like any other. Just because you look at me and see only one thing does not mean that there is nothing else to me, that I do not also have feelings and dreams and desires.

My body is only a body. If I were not here, it would be an empty shell, hollow and worthless. It is my soul, my heart, my mind, that gives it any value, and the essence of me would be no different placed in another vessel. I am me and I ALWAYS will be.

I care not for lust or adulation, and would rather have your respect and genuine admiration. I don’t want to be thought of because of how I look; I want to be thought of as I AM. 

If my mind holds no value for you and you cannot see my heart, then you will never have my body. If you cannot see the beauty, hidden though it might be, in my soul, then there is no place for you in my life.

© Rosie Chee