November 25, 2014



There are times in our lives when the best thing for us is to walk APART. You might be one who has always walked alone even as you are with others and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes if those you walk with are not walking in the same eventual direction as you are, it’s better to separate and forge your OWN path or risk taking an extended detour or veering altogether from your ultimate destination.

It’s OK to walk alone. There’s a peace in stepping away from the crowd and making your own path, even though it will be harder and you may be criticized and judged harshly for it by those who do not understand it or you. Despite what the world thinks, it’s not about living for their needs, but ensuring that YOUR soul remains intact, as much as possible, because you cannot afford to lose it [again].

There is FREEDOM in walking alone. It can be harder, because you have to hold yourself accountable for every action you make, but when you are walking towards a vision, striding forward with a purpose, doing what you must and making no excuses becomes that much easier, because you know that in the end the only one responsible for where you end up is YOU.

It’s ok to LIKE walking alone and some of us have for much of our lives. Know though, that walking alone does not mean that you cannot allow others to join you on your journey, or that you cannot find delight in the pleasure of another’s company for a time, but your soul understands and accepts that it IS only for merely a moment in the space of infinity, no matter how precious.

Ultimately, you must do what is right for YOU. There is no shame in walking alone and it does not mean that you are isolated, even if you want to be and are for a time. There is no judgment in preferring walking alone and often it clears our soul, creating calm in confusion and reminding us of the reality of our dreams, so that we hold on tighter than ever as we BECOME.

© Rosie Chee