September 30, 2014



The night has passed in its darkness and all things hidden suddenly alight within it, words said and emotions wrought as a soul grasps itself together yet one more time. But yes, the night has PASSED and is no more. In that should be the same of what transpired within it: Let gone and let go and given to Him, for some things our soul should not bear if we want to stand unencumbered by chains of any kind, even those we might have once placed upon ourselves.

The day dawns, the fingers of light reaching across the sky reaching for you, to remind you that light pushes AWAY darkness and a NEW day has begun. A new day and a new time, giving you another opportunity to start fresh and claim it as your own, your life to walk forward in His grace and share YOUR light with the world.

As we grow in darkness, so too do we grow in light, and all that occurs in darkness will eventually be revealed in the light. Let not the darkness be the strength creeping in your soul, but take from it iron strength and indomitable will to mesh with the positive energy and healing love of the light.

© 2014 Rosie Chee