October 26, 2014



We are all not long for this world, so why NOT take JOY in it while you still have the chance. No matter how you are, no matter what your circumstances, there is always going to be someone better off than you, but there is also always going to be someone with much less than you.

When you find yourself in the depths of despair, your happy gone, LOOK around you. There is so much to live FOR. There are so many BLESSINGS waiting to be accepted. There are so many opportunities BOUNDLESS in your path. There is so much to SMILE about.

Life is GOOD. GOD is good. You are still alive to take PLEASURE in the world. You are still breathing to be able to make a DIFFERENCE. That difference might not be in your own life, but in that of ANOTHER who is struggling.

Stop hiding your smile and light up the world with it. You have no idea how many people think your smile is BEAUTIFUL. You have no idea how many people are ENCOURAGED by your smile. You have no idea how many people find that the world is a BRIGHTER place when you smile.

FIND your JOY and hold it CLOSE to your heart. Hold it close, so that when you feel heaviness in your soul it is right there for you to take comfort in, to remind you of all that you have and are and can be. Instead of letting yourself become a dark cloud MAINTAIN your joy and watch how your perspective CHANGES.

© Rosie Chee