October 11, 2014



You cannot truly move forward until you have let GO of the past. You cannot truly begin to heal until you have accepted what has happened and given yourself room and time to grieve over any loss. You cannot live fully in the present if you are still dwelling in the shadows of the past.

If you do nothing else, FORGIVE yourself. Give yourself a CHANCE. Open your eyes and clear your foggy mind so that you can break FREE from the bonds you are unconsciously placing on yourself. Give yourself the GIFT of being completely in the present.

Let yourself be here and NOW. Let your soul be CALM in this moment. Let your mind be still and know that only TRUTH now resides there. And that truth is that your spirit is at PEACE with who you are and where you are and the journey that has brought you here.

ALLOW yourself to experience life in all its wonder and glory. Allow yourself to believe that such beauty was intended for YOU. Allow yourself to breathe in the FRESH air and know that with that breath you are giving yourself the gift of starting over afresh and brand new.

Let that be your gift to YOU. A SECOND chance. A time to finally see PAST all the hurt and pain and suffering and tears. A time to let yourself BE who you are and step out into the present with arms wide open and unafraid to let the world see you. What will YOU do with your life? YOU decide.

© Rosie Chee