October 17, 2014



Those whom I have let know and walk beside me can see how I have changed, the evolution that has occurred, and know that it is not yet over. Those who do not know me can also see in the time that they have known of me that something has changed and can only watch as that change continues to unfold.

I remember the person I was. I know that person. I understand her. I have seen how far she has come, how she has changed and the difference the changes have made. I also know how she is the same, the aspects that have grown stronger, darker, harder and more resilient, even as they are nothing as they were yet are.

I know where the woman I am is now. I know how conflicted is her heart and how close to complete breaking was her soul. I know the chaos that flees through her mind, the darkness that sometimes overshadows the light. I also know that it is a place she cannot stay.

I see where the evolution of my being can take me. I know that nothing is always as it seems and that a huge part of my future lies in the decisions and actions I choose upon in the now. I know that there is more growth to come, but that it can only make me better than who I am today.

Far from where I once was, but still far from where I will ultimately be, I can only make the choice to walk forward with courage and positivity, knowing that I am not alone, my strength drawn from Him, my refuge in Him, and that there is nothing that will come at me I cannot face without fear.

© 2014 Rosie Chee