October 18, 2014



You are HUMAN. The “machine” that everyone used to see has “become” HUMAN. Machines are not perfect and humans even less. But that’s ok. Because it is inevitable that to be human is to be imperfect. We have emotions and feelings and thoughts that create a “flawed” stated of being within it. It is permanent.

NO ONE is perfect and to expect it of yourself or anyone else is unreasonable. That does not mean that one cannot set the standard high, but if you set it at “perfect” all will fall short. Yet when you set it thus you also give the opportunity to SHINE, to achieve excellence that might not have been attained before, the true potential of a soul revealed.

Even in IMperfection there IS perfection. Everyone perceives things differently and when others look at you they do not see what you do. They see the soul that has lit up, the sparkle that twinkles in your eyes when you smile in genuine happiness, the helping hand extended to others, the willingness to try despite all obstacles. They see BEAUTY in your imperfection and that to them might be “perfect”.

You are FLAWED. But your flaws make you YOU. They add to your uniqueness. They all come together with everything else that is you, a being created for His glory, to create something that is “flawless” in its imperfection. Flaws give us a chance to improve, to learn and GROW as we strive to become all we are meant to be. They are the “steps” we climb and conquer on our way to “perfection”.

Everything about you is SPECIAL. Imperfect and flawed as you are, you are PRECIOUS. Your soul means so much, even if sometimes you might not think so. You are your own brand of beautiful. You just need to learn to ACCEPT that imperfect does not mean you are not worthy, that flaws do not mean you are not wonderful, and that you are BEAUTIFUL in only the way that you can be. So accept it and just BE.

© Rosie Chee