October 16, 2014



You were created UNIQUE for a reason. If God wanted you to be like everyone else He would have made a world of clones – He did NOT and no one individual has the same tune in their soul as another. No one is “normal” – even if the world tries to create such a label and seeks to place everyone under such an umbrella.

Standing OUTSIDE the umbrella – away from the “safety”, the “comfort zone”, the “normalcy” – the world is a very different place. But, it is more real – it embraces the opportunity for change AND growth. It does not care about the “expectations” under the umbrella and does not live by the unspoken “rules” governed there.

Under the umbrella you surrender your soul into the keeping of the world – you become “normal”. Outside the umbrella you might be alone, but you are allowed to EVOLVE – life is a constant revolution of your soul as you live and learn and perpetually “recreate”. Your life, although filled with “mistakes” and experiences that break or hurt or harden or open you, is REAL.

Living AUTHENTICALLY means casting aside the expectations of the world and living only with your OWN – you set the standards for yourself and all that matters is whether or not you live up to them. You set yourself apart – your life might be an example to others of a “rebel”, but they see you live and change and it creates “inspiration” to encourage them to step out from the umbrella into the open for them.

© 2014 Rosie Chee