September 24, 2014



Your training should be for YOU. It HAS to be. Otherwise it will not last, because you need to WANT it, the same way you have to want everything else that has a lasting presence in your life. It has to be about YOU, no one else. You sweating, crying, bleeding, because YOU want something to CHANGE in your life, READY to make the sacrifices, hurdle through the obstacles, do what it is you must, to MAKE that change, and have it PERMANENT. A permanent POSITIVE that will help you become BETTER, EVERY day for the rest of your life.

Once you start and you start for YOURSELF, no one else has the power to stop you unless you ALLOW them to, consciously or unconsciously making that decision that might take you away from the oath you have set yourself upon. Once you have made the decision that what you are doing is for YOU, if you stop, it is NOT because of someone else, but because of YOU, and you alone are responsible. So be ACCOUNTABLE to yourself, know how much you want it, always remember WHY you started and what it MEANS to you to CONTINUE, and if you stop, realize that it is YOU who has stopped.

ALWAYS have a goal to focus on, motivation to keep you focused, inspiration to increase your motivation, and those who will be honest with you along the journey. After all, not everything can be self-driven, although when you train it NEEDS to be, but others can help push you when you will not push yourself, because let’s face it, sometimes we all have those days when we wonder what we are doing and forget that WE decided to do this, only needing that small reminder that it’s all WORTH it to fight through the pain and FINISH what we started.

© Rosie Chee