September 25, 2014



The most brilliant lights shine in the deepest darkness. The greatest illumination occurs in the complete absence of light. The brightest stars would not be seen if not for the darkness they are surrounded by.

In the same manner, PEOPLE cannot shine without the darkness they experience. They cannot grow without the pain suffered. They cannot know true happiness without knowing the deepest despair. They cannot fully appreciate life in all its beauty and glory without having fallen so far that they know the ugliness and depravity that balances this world.

The greatest people that you know have been through the most in life. You might not always know it, but those with discernment will sense it in their soul. The most beautiful people have the kindest hearts, even if they seem untouchable and distant. The kindest hearts come from having experienced the deepest heartache and never wanting another to suffer through the same or similar experience. Those experiences create in one an understanding, instill empathy for the lost, and allow one to grow into more than they are.

The greatest people that you know have overcome the most adversity. They have faced unspoken tragedy. They have dealt with destruction on a level they would never wish you to know personally. They are great because they have known all that and are still here. They have been broken and yet remain intact. They have been destroyed so much that they have been brought to their knees and yet they stand before you. They stand before you, because in those times, they grew in strength and courage and passion and never failed to hold tight to faith and hope and belief, even if for a time they might have felt like there was nothing left to cling to.

The most brilliant lights shine in the deepest darkness. The brightest stars are only so bright BECAUSE of the darkness.

© Rosie Chee