September 23, 2014



Whether by design or circumstance of choice, you are where you are right now for a REASON. You may be happy with where you are or you may NOT be. You may be wondering what twist of fate brought you here, to this place in this time, what reasoning could possibly have for you here. There is a reason for EVERYthing that happens in our lives and this is no different. You are where you are right now for a REASON.

Yes, it might be hard, it might be tough, it might be everything you never wanted to know or ever experience going on all at once right now, baffling you, angering you, causing feelings of fear and resentment. You might not know how to handle the situation, frustrated by your lack of knowledge and expertise, ashamed of your shortcomings, wanting to do nothing but run and hide, waiting until it is over and safe to come out from the storm.

But storms are not sent to be afraid of and hidden from. They are sent to be FACED and challenged head on, beckoning your finger to let it know to give all its got, do its worst, knowing that if you don’t already know where it is, you will FIND the courage and the strength to fight back and DEFEAT it. The hard pummelling of the rain to wear you down, the louder-than-it-should-be thunder booming to try and terrify you, the hailstones falling to bruise your body, you WILL find a way to SURVIVE.

And when the storm clears and the sun’s light starts to peek through the clouds that do not want to seem to budge, spreading over your smudged face and war-torn eyes, they will shine over a soul that has been changed and now sees the world through different eyes, knowing with confidence what they are capable of, a new inner spark glowing from the depths of those eyes, ready and willing to face whatever comes next. By accepting, facing, and embracing the storm that soul has GROWN, one step closer its destiny.

So, see that you are where you are right now for a reason. Whether it is a lesson to be learned, a skill to be mastered, or strength to be found, everything transpires together to make the MOST of the now, to make you INTO the person that you are MEANT to be. You might not want to be where you are now, but simply desiring to be elsewhere will NOT help you. If you want to be somewhere else, you must stand and fight through the now to get to where you want to go. So, do it, taking everything you can from the now with you.

© Rosie Chee