September 16, 2014



If you do not take care of YOURSELF, you will be in no shape to care take of anyone ELSE. It’s time to take care of YOU, so that you can give your BEST to the world.

No more letting yourself go, even though you have been HAPPY the last few weeks. No more “I can get away with it”, because it has been shown that you actually cannot any longer if you are not TRAINING. No more time off from training, even if your body HAS needed it. No more allowing yourself to sleep in, even though your body has welcomed the REST. No more comfort, even if you have enjoyed it for the FIRST time in your life. You may have been happy and enjoyed it, and it may have helped you in SOME way, but it has NOT been conducive to your health and well-being. It has NOT been kind to you and is NOT “taking care” of yourself.

NO MORE letting yourself go! No more COMPLACENCY! No more “It’ll be ok when I get back on track” attitude. It’s “back on track” NOW and NO going BACK! No more backwards motion! Only FORWARD!

You were doing just fine before. You were in a good place, comfortable physically, and you WILL be again. You were finally SATISFIED with where you were and now it is all gone, but you CAN AND WILL be in that state again. Only this time you will be BETTER! AND you will be HAPPY, able to allow yourself to ENJOY life and MAINTAIN that satisfaction [in your body] withOUT any complacency, striding only FORWARD with your life, because the future holds so much for you!

© Rosie Chee