September 28, 2014



LIFE is a battlefield. It is an endless WAR - a time of conflict and CHANGE. Of REVOLUTION rising – in your soul, heart, and mind. Of CHALLENGE – of everything you are and do and can BE.

Life is full of darkness. It is dirty and dusty and can wear on a soul. It can shut down a heart, create despair in a mind, destroy a man so completely that they want to die and disappear from the world altogether. This is the ugly side of war - of HUMANITY.

Yet in the midst of war there is immense BEAUTY. There can be seen acts of GREATNESS – often overlooked and unknown, but by no means less great. There dwells HOPE in the hearts of man – for the future, the PROMISE that it holds and the wonder that await you.

There lies in YOUR soul something more PRECIOUS than anything in the world. It is STRONGER than anything life can - and will try to - throw at you, something that is DEEPER than what can be SEEN. It is something that is so much a PART of you that no matter WHAT happens, it canNOT be taken from you – even if others THINK they have broken you down so much, caused so much pain and destruction that it looks like you will never rise again, it is STILL there, DRIVING you to survive, so that you can LIVE.

That something in your soul is greater than LIFE itself. It is more POWERFUL than HOPE. It is more beautiful than LOVE. It is on par to FAITH, something bigger than anything you can fathom. It is a part of GOD dwelling inside us – we only need to REALIZE it, RECOGNIZE it, and ACKNOWLEDGE it. He is ALWAYS there – through EVERYTHING, just waiting for you to ALLOW yourself to walk ALONGSIDE Him in your journey through this life, so that He can GUIDE you through the minefields and rubble of the world.

He is IN your life, your SOUL, whether you are aware of it or not. He is ALWAYS there, waiting patiently outside that closed door to your HEART. He WANTS to HELP you, to see you THROUGH the battlefield of life. Will you LET Him?

© Rosie Chee