September 27, 2014



Each day is a NEW day. A new day to take another CHANCE. A new day to take ANOTHER step. Another step FORWARD in the direction of your dreams. Another step forward, no matter how small. For even the smallest of steps is PROGRESS towards the fulfilment of the ultimate achievement. The ultimate achievement of the ULTIMATE dream. Whatever that may be. For it is different to each and every individual. But no matter what, I canNOT be stopped. I cannot be stopped from TAKING that step. I cannot be stopped from reaching that one bit FURTHER. I cannot be stopped from STRIVING for “just one more”. I cannot be stopped from doing my BEST, even if my “best” on any given day is not as good as it has been in the past or will be in the future. I will have given my best, my all on that day, and that is what MATTERS. What matters is moving FORWARD. What matters is keeping the dream ALIVE. Keeping the dream alive in my HEART and the hearts of those I touch. For when I touch others, I make a DIFFERENCE. And when you make a difference, especially in a dream, you can CHANGE the world. ONE step at a time.

© Rosie Chee