September 29, 2014



Your FITNESS is important, ESSENTIAL to overall soundness of body AND mind, to living a COMPLETE life. Therefore, it canNOT be something you only do “here and there”, but something you do CONSISTENTLY. Fitness has to be a LIFESTYLE.

We all have ups and down in our in our fitness, the way we do everything in life - that is normal. What is NOT normal is to use fitness the way you would fashion - as a trend, something you change based on how you feel or what is perceived as “normal”.

Fitness should not be a TEMPORARY commitment, something done only at specific times of the year or when you want to achieve a certain goal. Fitness is an INVESTMENT - in your HEALTH and well-being, in your FUTURE. See the VALUE in that investment, in making that LONG-TERM COMMITMENT, even if you might not see all the benefits of it right now - because I guarantee later on, you WILL.

There will be times along the way when it will be hard and you might question the time and effort you invest in your fitness, but as with everything, it is to be expected, because NOTHING worth doing ever comes easy and withOUT sacrifice. However, if you commit to your health and make fitness a LIFESTYLE, instead of a “passing trend”, you will NEVER regret it.

© Rosie Chee