August 7, 2014



Next to your soul, your heart is your most precious “possession”. For everything in your soul makes its way to your heart and eventually that in your heart becomes what you act upon.

I have always guarded my heart so carefully, barricaded it with stone walls upon stone walls and then more and more. But I let my heart open, those walls break a little, and when they did, I let the stone lie where it fell. Still though, I am careful what I let inside, even though sometimes something creeps in that I don’t see and affects me more than I realize until it shows.

Be ever so careful what you let into your heart, for sometimes it can destroy you and deter you from the path you are meant to be walking. That we let touch our heart becomes a small part of our soul, and if we’re not careful, can lose pieces of our soul to that which comes to “steal” our hearts.

When some of us love, we love with all we are and give everything of us. Sometimes a blessing, but also a curse, for when we love without restraint, if that love should break us it can take with it parts of us that are forever lost, and leave us “incomplete”. When you “lose” yourself and fall to shatter into immeasurable pieces, there is only one who can find all those pieces and make them resemble anything “whole” again.

Yet we cannot help sometimes that we love. Like I did not realize the ones who crept into my heart until they were there and so deep a part of me that at the time to rip them from me would be to rip away parts of myself, so deep “under the skin” were they, embedded into my soul itself. Even as “time heals all wounds”, to “remove” them from myself still caused irreparable damage, and so instils the “lesson” to watch ever more closely that which you even let NEAR, for like the wolf in sheep’s clothing some come close to only want to “steal your soul”.

Instead, every morning, seek His “face”, His wisdom, His words, His protection, asking that He guard your heart, to ensure that which is allowed inside is that which would only “cultivate” the seeds He has placed within you, give life to the dreams and desires being “birthed” anew, and nourish the precious soul that has been tested through the depths of hell to find “rest” nestled there. Make sure the souls that surround you, as you do those you “embrace”, want nothing more than to see yours fly, your heart to soar, to reach your ultimate potential in this world and see your “light” spread as far as the ripples on the ocean of life can take it.

Your heart is precious and should be treated as such. Not just by those in your life, but by YOU as well. You can let it be seen, but ask for His discernment before you allow anyone or anything in.

© 2014 Rosie Chee