July 30, 2014



Life is a gift given to all. Not everyone might “deserve” it, but everyone is given the chance to take that blessing and turn it into something great. Life is a miracle and every moment you have breath in your body is a moment to be thankful for.

Gifts are opportunities. They may present as difficulties and obstacles, but the harder the challenge, the greater the opportunity to grow and develop, to “prove” that such a gift was not wasted and the one who received it has a diamond hidden inside the rough.

Life and the gifts it bestows are not always what we want or expect. Not being given what is desired can be the “best” thing one can receive, because what they ARE given can reveal far greater meaning; and sometimes being given the unexpected leads to far more than could ever be imagined and asked for.

Gifts are not given to be set aside. They are intended to be used and He who gives them gives accordingly, knowing what it will take to bring forth the potential hidden inside each one of us. You are unique and your gifts are unique, so treasure them and see the value that He sees.

Life is a miracle. YOU are a miracle. No matter where you have been or what you have been through, it has brought you to the place you now stand. It has given you what you need to become the blessing you are meant to be, so smile as you step into another day and another chance to live “greatness”.        

© Rosie Chee